Your Door to the Online World

  • Full service agency with an international E-Commerce experience based in Berlin

  • Native Greek, English, Spanish and German staff

  • Website builder

  • Social media experts

  • Content and localization experts

  • Data analyst experts in Google Analytics

  • 20 years of online experience

Use your Opportunities • Find new Markets • Reach more Clients

Excellent Know-How for each project and the right person to contact – Top Consulting!
Professional and very pleasant work with a pro – always my pleasure.
Top recomendation from me!

George Katomeris, Original Cross Training

Your website, your marketing campaign and your advice helped me find my customers and start my business which is still successful. I fully can recommend you to anybody who wants to go online!

Maria Tarasoudi, Tarasoudis Group of Companies

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Our Services Aimed to help you

Tailored for small & medium sized companies

Website Design & Development

You want a WEBSITE
or you have one
but it needs an UPDATE?

You are looking for
modern, complete SOLUTIONS
to start going ONLINE?

Social Media Growth  Experts

COMMUNITIES and Social Engagements are the KEY to raise your SALES
and gain the TRUST of your clients.

We Work WITH the algorithm for you!

Evaluation, improvement & advertising

Many websites bring no RESULTS
Your online business
is nowhere to be FOUND
in the GOOGLE searches.

We will tell you WHY and HOW

About our Services

Step by Step How we work

Clear steps to the target. We hate wasting money!

We start with:

  • Understand your needs

  • What do you offer?

  • Which is your market?

  • Read Google Analytics Data

  • Check and evaluate Social Media

  • Take a look at the competition

  • Find posibilities

  • Define alternatives

  • Research keywords

  • Set goals

  • Define and create new services based on data results

  • Graphic material

  • Content Management

  • Social Media setup

  • Cost estimation

We finish with:

  • Concrete Steps

  • Content production

  • Translation and localization

  • Timeframe for delivery

  • Social media realization

  • Content realization

  • Website/E-Shop realization

  • Functionality testing

  • Reality check

  • Marketing Plan

  • Social Media start

First we Listen..

… then we Do!

About Us For your benefit

Optimum solutions for your budget. We hate wasting money!

About us

International E-Commerce Experience

Data driven, no unrealistic promises

Native Greek, English, Spanish and German staff!

Flexible and tailored to your needs & budget

Native knowledge about your target country

With 20 years of experience in the Online world!

Why clients choose us:

We have done it many times already!

Successfully, we should add! From the very beginning, you will notice that we know what we are doing. With 20 years of experience we understand the do´s and the dont´s in the Online world.

We are natives in foreign markets!

Understanding your target customers is essential for success, especially in foreign countries. But it is the best to talk to a native in your own language. We are both: Native in your language (German, English, Greek, Spanish), and native in your foreign target country.

We love data!

Our decisions are based on facts. We will tell you what your customers are doing. Where they come from. What they like and dislike. And most imporant, where & WHY they leave. We “listen to your customer” and take our decisions based on that. Don´t take our word for it, see it for yourself.

We love E-Commerce!

Honestly, we love our job! For us, there is no other field that offers so many opportunities and moves so fast. We learn new things every day. For us, online is fun!