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  • Online Website Design & Programming

  • Online Marketing

  • Performance Marketing

  • Online Development Abroad

  • Online Business Evaluation

  • Budget Estimation

  • Investment Planning

  • Online agency evaluation

  • Management of online activities

  • E-Commerce teaching

  • All online marketing channels

  • Coorporate identity design

  • Story telling videos

  • Social media profiles

  • Answers to all your questions!

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User Reviews: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

We are very happy to have developed very good relationships with our clients.

People and companies who have trusted us say…

Σας ευχαριστούμε για την επαγγελματική δουλειά που κάνατε τόσο στο στήσιμο της σελίδας μας όσο και στο μάρκετινγκ. Οι συμβουλές σας απέδωσαν τα μέγιστα και μέσα σε ένα μόλις χρόνο λειτουργίας μας είμαστε ήδη full. Ευχαριστούμε και πάλι και συνεχίζουμε…

Χαιρετισμούς από Μόναχο!

Άλκιστης Καφετζή, Love Moments - Wedding videos
Με τη σειρά μου θέλω να ευχαριστήσω και εγώ την ομάδα που με βοήθησαν για το στήσιμο της σελίδας μου και με όλο το Marketing. Γενικά καταπληκτική δουλιεά, βοήθησαν στο έπαρκον και ήταν πάντα εκεί για να μου λύσουν κάθε απορία που προέκυπτε! Ευχαριστώ πολύ και συνεχίζουμε!
Στάθης Χατζινικολάου
You constantly exceeded our expectations and delivered decisive impulses for our development in our target markets. Apart from the extensive, in depth knowledge of the online business, it was the service mentality and reliability that made the difference and delivered outstanding results for us., World leaders in digital Art printing
Für jedes Projekt sehr gutes Knowhow der richtige Ansprechpartner – top Beratung!
Professionelle und sehr angenehme Zusammenarbeit mit einem Profi – immer wieder gerne!
George Katomeris, Original Cross Training
Excellent and professional Service from Ola Consulting.
We worked intensively and very productive together and the results were more than satisfiying. And in a very reasonable price!
”After sales” consulting was and still remains great!
Thank you guys!
Manos Tsatrafilis, Tsatrafili Beauty Center
Your website, your marketing campaign and your advice helped me find my customers and start my business which is still successful. I fully can recommend you to anybody who wants to go online!
Maria Tarasoudis, Tarasoudis Group of Companies
Excellent professional flexible approach, friendly customer service with in depth assistance throughout!
Asterios Konstantinoudis
Mr. Patzig was responsible for the design, setup and development of our local webshop as well as additional webshops in multiple European countries. His responsibility also included the selection, education and training of the necessary marketing and sales teams. He setup and managed all online marketing activities to remarkable performances that helped to make our company one of the biggest online retailer in our segment. Especially helpful was his broad knowledge of all aspects of E-Commerce. This knowledge gave important impulses to the development of the whole company. We thank Mr. Patzig for his valuable contribution in the advance of our company.
Sound equipment retailer, Elektronik Star
…responsible for marketing and sales, we got impressive results within one year. The knowledge of the design and operations of webpages helped us greatly to reposition and rebrand us in the online market. Reliable, enduring and responsible, this knowledge helped us to emotionalize our webshop, making it attractive for the younger audience we were aiming at.
one of the 10 biggest online retailers for electronics in Germany, Promarkt
Thank you very much guys for your help. I recommend you without any hesitation to everybody, you should know that. The most important think I have seen on you is the appetite for what you do and this shows from the way you worked for our website and the valuable directions and advices that you have given us. Thank you for helping us advance the level of our online appearance but also for the help optimizing the final look of the videos I make, working and guiding me with marketing details. I wish you all the best!
Markos Gounelas, E-Motion Video porduction

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