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Who we are

We have been working in the online field since 2001. With 15 years of experience we have accompanied the incredible development of the online business since then and keep on learning new things every day. We love E-Commerce!

By now, Ola Online Consulting has developed into a multinational online consulting company with a highly professional team of specialists lead by our CEO and main online consultant, Mr. Sven Patzig.

Based in Berlin with a Greek heart, we have started focusing on the Greek market, because it has a huge potential domestically and an even bigger potential for Greek companies to offer their products abroad. The current Greek online market is still very underdeveloped compared to almost all other European markets. This offers great possibilities for Greek companies if they get the right help and assistance, which currently is not always the case.

Our clients come from the retail industry, manufacturing and services. We have aspiring artists and highly specialised professionals. Most of our clients already have had some previous online experiences that did not work out. We at Ola-Online-Consulting are very proud that we do not have one single example of an unsuccesfull website that we built or consulted!

The reason is, that we always start our cooperation by doing a professional research about the target market for our clients. This way, we can see if the expectations, the planned budget and the goals have a realistic chance of success. We will give you a data based, very honest evaluation on this. If we do not see a good possibility of sufficient additional revenue for you, or if your budget ideas will not be enough to make a difference, we will tell you so.

As a full service agency, we are proud to offer you website programming abilities on a variety of plattforms. From simple websites with adapted templates up to complex, multilanguage sites on professional shop systems or programmed from the scratch.

We have local market knowledge of Greece and many European markets, so that our websites are always designed for the taste of the specific market, which can vary greatly. Additionally we speak the necessary native languages to give you the best possible content.

Our Online Marketing services include all available marketing channels, not only the “usual” SEM(Adwords) and a Facebook page. We are proud to offer you a variety of possibilities, tailored to your needs. Optimized to bring revenue.

Generally, our services are as diverse as the Online Market. Contact us for any online need, we will be happy to assist you the best possible way!


Sven Patzig
Sven PatzigCMO chief marketing officer | Head of e-Commerce
Our founder and main consultant, Mr. Patzig, has a University Masters degree in Business Administration and a long record as Head of E-Commerce, Head of Marketing & Sales and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for various online companies. They include Startups, early stage E-Commerce business and retailers from different European countries and the USA. His special fields are Online Marketing, E-Commerce controlling, Business development, onsite optimization and branding.
He speaks English, German and Spanish fluently and is currently learning Greek.


Mr. Patzig has successfully lead the development and internationalization of online retailers to various countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Italy and France. He has worked with online world market leaders in different sectors and has relations to an extensive network of specialists of the Online World.

Raised in Spain and Colombia with many years living in various countries, married to a Greek woman, Mr. Patzig has the multicultural background to understand international customers and markets.
He has developed, trained and led various sales, marketing and design teams to success. As the head of E-Commerce he has led the development from an idea to successful  E-Business in various cases.
His experience includes the online selling of art, furniture, computers, sound & DJ equipment, pet products, musical shows and various services to name only a few.
He creates most of the written content, tailored for the target market and optimized for Google Search

Crazy Skills

Hobby Painter 75
Book Eater 95
Sailing Enthusiast 80
Good dancer 22
Ermioni Tyrpenou
Ermioni TyrpenouCo-founder
Born in Thessaloniki and raised in Athens, Eny Tyrpenou currently lives in Berlin.
Ola Online Consulting is based on her idea, after finding out how big the difference of the Online Knowledge is in Europe compared to Greece. Her goal is to create a company to help the Greek Online Market develop and reach to a professional level. She comes from a business enviroment with 6 degrees, starting from Marketing Management, Advertising Psychology, Graphic Design, Web Development and Interior Architecture. Her special fields are webdesign, logo design, social marketing, project management and customer care.
Her professional experience, discipline and customer dedication is highly valued by all our customers.


Mrs. Tyrpenou has an absolute dedication to her clients and does not stop until every project is finished and the client is 100% satisfied. She loves to overarchive.

She is able to envision and design beautiful websites, logos, printed material and deliver outstanding aesthetic results in minimum time with passion and enduring work.
She has the ability to always mantain a cool head, even in the most stressfull situations, by putting everything into the right order and setting relevant priorities.
She understands the Online World with all of its variations and is able to deliver a clear picture of the goals and needs to every client. She has a great ability to explain E-Commerce in understandable words and help her clients to adapt to it successfully.
She is a professional Photoshop editor and passionate about optimal SEO settings for all online elements, delivering excellent results.

Crazy Skills

Dancing addicted 75
Siamese Cat Lover 95
Billiard player 85
Bollywood Dance Fan 85

Meet Some Team Members

Andreas Bidmann
Andreas BidmannOnline Marketing Expert
Next to our CEO, Mr. Bidmann and his agency, Cornucopia, is another of our Online Marketing Experts. His main fields are Affiliate Marketing and Adwords. He has been awarded the “Agency of the Year” award in 2015. His marketing experience includes expert knowledge in different European countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.
Armin Bunte
Armin BunteOnline consultant
Mr. Bunte has over 10 years of E-Commerce experience, in demanding and responsible positions for various noted Online Companies. He has a keen eye for setting up efficient Online processes. His ability to motivate people and prepare them for the Online World is a valuable asset to our clients. With him we are sure to deliver best results in purchase consulting, logistics optimization and general Online Operations improvement.
Natasa Vasileiadou
Natasa VasileiadouGraphics, content creation
Mrs. Natasa Vasileiadou has multiple abilities in creating great content. She is an expert Graphics & Photo designer that delivers the most appropriate material to make any website look attractive and appealing to the customers. With many years of experience, she has a great eye for the details that really matter.
Apostolos Touloupakis
Apostolos TouloupakisProgrammer, Website Developer
Mr. Apostolos Touloupakis is an expert developer, with knowledge in multiple programming languages and an impressive record of projects. His skills also include the difficult task of expanding and connecting different softwares, like website to ERP or Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), to make E-Commerce efficient, fast and scalable. We use his service for the most complex tasks.

What Clients Say about Ola Online Consulting

Σας ευχαριστούμε για την επαγγελματική δουλειά που κάνατε τόσο στο στήσιμο της σελίδας μας όσο και στο μάρκετινγκ. Οι συμβουλές σας απέδωσαν τα μέγιστα και μέσα σε ένα μόλις χρόνο λειτουργίας μας είμαστε ήδη full. Ευχαριστούμε και πάλι και συνεχίζουμε…
Χαιρετισμούς από Μόναχο!
Άλκιστης Καφετζή, Love Moments - Wedding videos
Excellent and professional Service from Ola Consulting.
We worked intensively and very productive together and the results were more than satisfiying. And in a very reasonable price!
”After sales” consulting was and still remains great!
Thank you guys!
Manos Tsatrafilis, Tsatrafili Beauty Center

Some of Our Happy Clients