As part of our portfolio, we help clients to all needs on their social media channels, in Greece, Germany and Spain. The change in social media is rapid and an extreme raise of fake news, hate speech and other extremist behavior has happened. One of the reasons is the big amount of fake profiles without verification that the platforms allow to be created, without any verification. This also affects the most powerful tool of Facebook, the Groups.

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to know who is moderating and why, to detect misleading groups.

Based on our experience, we give you 4 tips on how to identify manipulated pages & groups that spread fake news or are hiding their real motives. There is no 100% solution to this, as social media platforms still allow non-verified user profiles, but with our tips you can built your own opinion based on facts.

The best place to look are the admin pages of the page or group.

Where to find them in a group?

You find them at the about button and members button marked as Admin.

Where to find them in the page?

You find them in the about section, below the Story.

If nobody appears, transparency is missing. Then look at the “Impressum/About us” area where you should will find a link to an such a page or at least written legal information of a person responsible.

Check their profiles!

Are they “real persons” or is somebody hiding behind these profiles? Does the name match the url of their profile? Look if everything fits.

In many cases people have almost empty profiles or have very limited content available to non-friends, for different reasons. There must be at least a few photos which you can see. Click on them and see the reactions. Do they have likes or any comment? Check them out, click on them, where to they lead?

It is not a rule but an empty profile with a name that is not a name is not a good sign!

BE AWARE! There are websites that create profile photos so realistic that are very convincing. These are called “deep fakes” and are getting harder and harder to detect!

  • 1.When were the profiles created? If the profiles were recently created, you should get suspicious.

  • 2. Are there any photos on their walls? Are they real photos like we all have, or just reposts from somewhere else?

  • 3. Are there any posts, is there any activity on their walls? How many, about what?

  • 4. Do they have any friends? Click on 1 or 2 of them. Are THEY real? Many times, if the group is fake, here you will find the real admins behind the group or page.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable, helpful and productive experience in social media.
There are thousands of great & real groups out there, enjoy! 🙂