These tips are focused on helping you improve the content and style of your organic posts. Always experiment and see what changes you can make to improve post engagement.


Keep your posts short. Studies have shown that posts with a total character count under 70 do better in both reactions and comments than longer posts. The longer a post is, the fewer people will read and react to it.


Include emojis, particularly the reactions themselves. It’s a way of making your brand seem more casual and approachable, and it’s a way of subtly reminding users that the reactions exist and that they can use them.


Time your posts on Thursday or Friday. Other studies have shown that Thursday and Friday have the highest engagement rates, particularly Friday. For everyone out there who has faffed about on Facebook when they should be working on a late Friday afternoon, you know exactly why that might be.


Ask questions. When you ask a question it invites response. “Should”, “Would”, “Which”, and “Who” questions do the best, according to a study by John Doe of organisation/company/profession X:


Reference conspiracy theories. Saying crazy things gets people talking, whether you believe it or not. The more outlandish the theory, the more you can riff on it and rile people up.


Post inspirational quotes. When in doubt, there’s always the motivational poster route. Play with inspirational quotes and you’ll see what sorts of attitudes your followers are into. Even if you think they’re pithy and lack substance, they can still be very profound to other people in your audience.


Post funny anecdotes. You never want to get too personal with your business page, but the occasional personal anecdote can be very effective, assuming it’s something you can tie into your marketing or your brand in some way. It makes you more human and less corporate.


Tease upcoming content or products. Everyone loves a good teaser, it’s why movies have several trailers and it’s why people line up outside stores for new items. Build hype and get people talking by teasing elements of a new product or service before you launch it.


Post innovative life hacks. Anything you can do to make the lives of your audience easier is good to do. These can be anything from the binder clip bottle rack to the most recent variation on mentos and coke. Anything viral can drum up interest even if it’s been floating around for weeks.


Post tips for using your product or service. It’s like life hacks, but for your own item! I’m not talking about links to your use guide here, I’m talking about relatively innovative things the normal user might not know how to do, or might not realize your product is capable of doing.


Post links to excellent content. The better the blog post, the more engagement it’s going to get. Write excellent content and share it on Facebook. Don’t bother sharing everything, just your most valuable pieces of content.


Post links to curated content. You can get a reasonable amount of engagement on your page with the content of others. Just make sure you’re posting links to off-site content, so it’s still your post, rather than sharing a post by some other brand. If you do that, they’ll be the ones getting the engagement.