Go abroad

You are already offering your service or products in Greece and maybe already online. Now you are thinking about taking the next step and offer your products abroad. This can mean significant additional revenue and completely new oportunities.

Congratulations! This is a great idea!

The European market is huge, any single market like Germany, Great Britain, Spain or France is many times bigger than the Greek market. Greek products are known abroad from the millions of tourists that visit Greece every year. On top, many thousand Greeks have left the country to look for jobs abroad and miss their favourite Greek products. The potential is huge and surprisingly few Greek companies offer their products or services abroad..

There are two main ways of selling your products: To consumers or B2C, to business or B2B. Although they can be combined, both ways mean a significantly different approach in webpage design and marketing, as the expectations from consumers differ from the expectations of business. This is one of the many decisions that need to be taken into account to succeed.

Your first step: Work with the experts!

Especially when you go abroad, you need expert information about the situation in your target markets, as every market is different and the competition abroad is much harder than in Greece. We at Ola Online Consulting are specialized for exactly this situation, with native knowledge of the main European Markets. Prior to any further steps, we can do a deep online market research to give you real answers about your online growth possibilities abroad: Your competition and the needs and shortages of your target market. Compare services and products similar to yours and look in detail, through marketing tools, what your audience is looking for.

Get a clear picture of your targets!

With this information you will get a clear picture of what will be needed to succeed, what measures need to be taken, a timetable and a budget estimation. From our experience and 15 years of market knowledge abroad, we will leave nothing to chance to give you the best possible tools to raise your revenue significantly.

Full service at expert level!

We are a full service agency, working on different platforms, we can deliver a optimized, targeted webshop. This can range from a simple product display, until a fully functionable webshop with B2C and/or B2B functionality, all in the local language. Our local marketing teams & agencies can do your marketing campaign on all available channels. Optimized for performance, with total cost and revenue transparency for you. Additionally, your will get a clear picture and know-How of necessary adaptations in your company to take full advantage of the leads that we will acquire for you.

We hate wasting money!

All measures and all marketing activities are aimed and constantly monitored for maximum revenue, with constant adaptations based solely on revenue and ROI (return on investment). We haved worked with some of the best E-Commerce companies in the world, as well as startups and old-fashioned industry going online in multiple countries. We have been measured against the highest standards and succeeded.

Your success is our success!

15 years of experience!

We have worked with market leaders in E-Commerce. You will benefit from that.

Learn from the best!

A website that helps you grow has more than a nice homepage with big images. We have the experience to know what really counts!

We love your success!

Everything we do has this one goal. The best practices, the most cost effective approach.

Dedicated service

In person and online, we are always on your side. With an assistance that will make the difference. Get the expert knowledge you need!

Native Greek spoken!

We are an international team of experienced specialists with a Greek heart!

Based in Berlin

Berlin is the online capital of Europe. Here, we have access to the best international specialists and hear about new developments first. For you!

No money wasting!

Every step that we take is intended to maximize your revenue. With full transparency!

We love effectiveness

Every Euro we spend on your website and marketing is measured to raise your revenue. No unnecessary spendings!
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*If you want to read more about E-Commerce, please look in Extras. We have prepared FAQs, a Glossary and Articles for you.

Why Choose Us

        • Full service agency with international E-Commerce experience
        • Native Greek, English, Spanish and German staff with dedicated knowledge
        • Website building on multiple systems, chosen for best performance for you
        • Highest level of marketing knowledge on all marketing channels
        • A strategy tailored to your needs and budget, optimized for your revenue
        • No unrealistic promises, only facts

What Clients Say

Excellent Know-How for each project and the right person to contact – Top Consulting!
Professional and very pleasant work with a pro – always my pleasure.
Top recomendation from me!
George Katomeris, Original Cross Training