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Specialized in the German and Greek markets.

Social Media Experts. Website-builder. Content and localization experts. Native speaker. Google Analytics experts.

20 Years of Online experience.

About us

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Our Story

We are an online company created 2011 in Berlin. Our founders connected their different online knowledge fields to offer a “start-to-finish” service with experts for each step.

With 20 years of experience in Online Marketing, Website-Design and Progamming, Social Media, Branding and Concept Development, we know many “best practices” for our clients.

And we love data! We can show you why things are not working and how to fix that. We make no assumptions. We are young, curious, multinational, experienced and extremely goal oriented. We speak native English, Greek, German and Spanish.

We love our job and we KNOW what we are doing!

Why in Berlin?

Berlin is the center of the online community in Europe and a great city to live in! Everybody meets here and we have met a huge pool of very talended online professionals. Every nationality is here, so when a Greek and a German decided to join forces, Berlin was the perfect place to serve international clients.

Founded with a Greek heart, our first clients were Greek companies who wanted to access the German market with our local knowledge and native speakers. Since then, we have helped foreign companies to enter the German market and get top know-how in their native tongue. For a few years now, we are also helping foreign clients get better in their home online markets. Our clients come from the retail industry, manufacturing and services.

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Ermioni Tyrpenou

CEO, Co-Founder


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Mrs. Tyrpenou has an absolute dedication to her clients and does not stop until every project is finished and the client is 100% satisfied. She loves to overarchive.

She is able to envision and design beautiful websites, logos, printed material and deliver outstanding aesthetic results in minimum time with passion and enduring work.
She has the ability to always mantain a cool head, even in the most stressfull situations, by putting everything into the right order and setting relevant priorities.
She understands the Online World with all of its variations and is able to deliver a clear picture of the goals and needs to every client. She has a great ability to explain E-Commerce in understandable words and help her clients to adapt to it successfully.

She is a professional Photoshop editor and passionate about optimal SEO settings for all online elements, delivering excellent results.

Social Media is her new hobby. She has become a skilled Facebook page creator and group administrator. She manages huge FB communities.

Crazy Skills

Dancing addicted 75
Siamese Cat Lover 95
Billiard player 85
Bollywood Dance Fan 85

Sven Patzig

Marketing officer
Head of e-Commerce


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Mr. Patzig has successfully lead the development and internationalization of online retailers to various countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Italy and France. He has worked with online world market leaders in different sectors and has relations to an extensive network of specialists of the Online World.

He knows all the tricks!

Raised in Spain and Colombia with many years living in various countries, married to a Greek woman, Mr. Patzig has the multicultural background to understand international customers and markets.
He has developed, trained and led various sales, marketing and design teams to success. As the head of E-Commerce he has led the development from an idea to successful  E-Business in various cases.
His experience includes the online selling of art, furniture, computers, sound & DJ equipment, pet products, musical shows and various services to name only a few.
He creates most of the written content, tailored for the target market and optimized for Google Search

He loves data. Specialized in Google Analytics, but experienced in other systems, he loves to dig deep into the data. He calls it “listen to the customer”. “Its all there, you just have to know how to find it.” With this data we can give you real answers.

Crazy Skills

Hobby Painter 75
Book Eater 95
Sailing Enthusiast 80
Good dancer 60

Meet some team-members

Andreas Bidmann

Online Marketing Expert

Armin Bunte

Online Consultant

Natasa Vasileiadou

Graphics, Content creation

Apostolos Touloupakis

Programmer, Website Developer