Step by Step How we work

To ensure best results for you, we follow specific steps to identify needs and set our next steps for effective solutions.

  • Websites built in easy to use platforms.
  • Fully professional e-shops customized for your products, your clients and your target country.
  • Know-How in design, branding and marketing an idea.
  • Simple, affordable and easy to maintain yourself with our training.
  • Professional support and maintenance

• Use your opportunities • Increase your chances • Reach more clients

A clear start – Awareness

Secure steps based on facts!

  • Understand your needs

  • What do you offer?

  •  Which is your market?

  •  Take a look at the competition

  • Find possibilities

  • Set goals

Good results needs good preparation. The first step before deciding anything needs the gathering of the necessary information to insure a the best approach to our tasks. We identify the strong and weak points, research the competition and set goals and timeframe.

Find out your chances and find or re-define your target!

Define & Plan

Secure steps based on facts!

  • Define and create new services based on data results

  • Content Management

  • Cost Estimation

  • Delivery Timeframe

  • Material

The creative moment starts where we put together all the data and create your services for your target group. What do you offer, how you will show that? How will you talk to your clients and give them what they want?
Organising the material we have, refreshing and adjusting it to the new set of goals, will give us the optimum result while being cost effective.
We are almost ready but we need to define the timeframe of delivery and follow through to the development process.

Your website is in its process!


Optimum solutions for your budget.
We hate wasting money!

  • Realization

  • Complete content optimization for web
 text & graphic

  • Marketing Plan

  • Functionality Testing

  • Reality Check…

We are almost a step away. The website is viewable and we need to start including the content after optimisation for the web in order to be found in google searches. This fine step gives us immediate results in google search and attracts our clients. At the same time, our website is fast and easy to navigate, without any small flows. Navigation is the one we need to test so that we make sure the customer journey is clear and the visitors will turn into clients!

You get from us!
Your affordable and easy to maintain website, which we can train how to maintain yourself.
Fully professional e-shops customized for your products, your clients and your target country.
Know-How in design, branding and marketing an idea.

A friend to stand by you and make sure that you make the best out of your investment!

Wix | Shopify | WordPress | Full Custom Connection with: Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and more.

Gain confidence!

Learning with us is an enjoyable and valuable activity!

Do you want to:

  • Discover the online world and its secrets?

  • Learn how to manage your website or e-shop?

  • Listen to your online clients?

  • Simplify processes. Organise day-to-day work?

  • Even do the marketing yourself and much more?

Ask for your tailored course. Contact us!

Our clients say

Real quotes from our clients

Your website, your marketing campaign and your advice helped me find customers and start my online business, which, today, is still very successful. I would definitely recommend you to anybody who wants to go online!

Lina Tarasoudis, Tarasoudis Group of companies